Focusing Tips by Fiona Parr

I'm often asked questions which I feel are relevant to many people. So I share my responses here which I hope will provide a helpful insight for everyone involved in Focusing and an overview if you are new to Focusing.
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I am taking time out to reflect on my journey with Focusing, which continues to unfold and inspire me in unexpected ways. I always feel I am just at the beginning of my discovery of what Focusing can offer, and today is no exception. New horizons are opening up, and new possibilities are unfolding.

Beginner’s Mind
I often feel that I am experiencing ‘beginner’s mind’ in relation to Focusing. That after nearly 30 years of practising Focusing in partnerships and swap sessions, and nearly 20 years of teaching, there is so much more for me to know and to learn. I am just at the beginning.

A lifetime of learning
One current training I am doing with Lynn Preston is helping me to deepen my understanding and practice of Focusing-oriented therapy (FOT). There is so much to learn and practice about this, and I am a beginner, although I have been practising this specialist form of Focusing for several years. It is a lifetime of learning. Focusing oriented therapy follows the experiential track, looking for what is implicit, and helping that to come more fully into conscious awareness. It is interactive and relational, bringing the therapeutic relationship very much alive and engaged, tracking moment to moment steps of change.

Thinking at the Edge
I am also deepening into the Focusing practice of Thinking at the Edge (TAE), and engaging in its many playful and creative possibilities. The course I ran in the summer was a great success, and I am doing another one in India in November.

I don’t want to get bogged down with excessive thinking, and this is the perfect way to integrate creative thinking into my life.

And I need that!
I am writing a chapter in a forthcoming book, edited by Judy Moore and Nikolaos Kypriotakis, called ‘Senses of Focusing’. My specialist subject is Focusing and spirituality, and the more I delve into it, the more I find I want to say.
If you want to add any thoughts or experiences, I would be happy to hear about it. Does Focusing have a spiritual dimension for you, and if so, what is it? Please contact me with your thoughts.

Visiting India
I am hoping to have space and time to write while taking a few days at a retreat centre in the hills in India. This is between teaching at the Just Being Centre at Pune. It’s my third year of going to India, and I love meeting the people on the Presence-oriented trainings at Just Being. I feel very blessed.