Here are links to other Focusing sites that you might find interesting:

British Focusing Association (BFA)
Interesting articles and access to a national partnership programme. You can also find other Focusing teachers and Practitioners in the UK. Sign up for the British Focusing Newsletter, which comes out twice a year.

The International Focusing Institute (TIFI)
TIFI offers membership, a free discussion list and a partnership programme. There is a website with many articles that you can download, including the library of Eugene Gendlin’s writings on Focusing and Philosophy. (Gendlin Online Library, or GOL).

The Gendlin Online Library
The library contains an extensive collection of Gendlin Focusing, writings from 1950 to 2017 including a number of unpublished articles.

Ann Weiser Cornell
Focusing Resources, 2560 Ninth Street, Suite 315-A, Berkley, California 94705, USA. Tel: 001 510 225 0690. Excellent website, many downloadable articles.

The International Focusing Conference was held at Cambridge 20 – 24, July 2016.
The website has information from the presentations and countries represented.

Treasure Maps to the Soul retreats with Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin

Focusing Oriented Therapy
Greg Madison offers a 2-year certification course in Focusing Oriented Therapy in London for counsellors and therapists. or The London Focusing Institute at

European Focusing Association
The European Focusing Association (EFA) is a networking resource, aiming to bring together Focusers and professionals in the field to develop common projects and new creative ventures, such as the new Focusing and Coaching course.