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Please contact me to arrange a session in Devon at Liverton near Bovey Tracy – or by Skype or phone.

♦ One to One Focusing Sessions

You do not need to have learned Focusing before you have a session.

Your guide is there to hold the space for you while you attend inwardly; reflect back to what you say so that you can resonate what comes with your body; help you to create a positive inner relationship with yourself; and gently guide you in the next steps of the Focusing process.

People come for sessions for a variety of reasons :

  • A one-off session as preparation for a job interview;
  • To manage a particularly stressful situation at work;
  • To get help through a difficult family crisis;
  • To manage ongoing physical or emotional difficulties.

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♦ Individual Counselling Sessions

Do you need someone to talk to? Are you feeling stressed or anxious about something?
Then I can help. I offer a confidential space where you can talk safely about your problems.
I listen carefully and compassionately to what you need to say. I might bring a gentle curiosity and enquiry, to help you explore what’s troubling you more deeply. I rarely offer advice.
I try to hear exactly how you are experiencing your life. This can be deeply healing and nourishing.

Many people experience stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. We live in a highly stressful world, and sometimes life just gets too much.
So how do you deal with stress and anxiety? I recommend that you talk to an experienced counsellor before the stress gets overwhelming.
By talking through the feelings and being listened to in a non-judgemental way, you will find that your problems become more manageable. You will be more in touch with your true feelings and your resourceful self. You will be better able to cope with whatever life throws at you.

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Contact me now to book your individual Focusing or Counselling session.
Sessions take one hour and cost £40.

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