Focusing is a specific way of paying attention to natural human process, which brings therapeutic and creative results.

It can be used to obtain new insights in your life, identify problem areas and to stimulate change or healing.

Butterflies in the tummyHave you ever had the feeling of butterflies in the tummy? It’s a common experience that we have all shared, but what is it? What’s going on? Well it’s a physical feeling isn’t it? And it’s more than that. If you pay attention to it you will find that it’s communicating something to you.

It might be joy, fear, anxiety, or you may be excited about something, or a combination of all of those. Whatever it is, you are having a direct experience in the body. In focusing, this leads to what we refer to as a ‘felt sense.’

Now, it may not be butterflies in the tummy, it could be another feeling altogether and it may at first come as a shape or as a colour before you get a bodily feel of it.
That is the Focusing process, to tune in and hear what your body is saying to you and you need to listen because the body never lies!

It is a truthful physical response to an ongoing situation and by paying some attention to it, by listening to it you will learn how to become clear on what you want, obtain new insights about your situation, and stimulate change or healing in your life.