April 2016

Fiona is a good teacher of Focusing. She provides a safe place both to practice new skills and also to unpack difficult personal material. The combination of doing the course, Skype sessions with a companion and individual practice has introduced a new, life-enhancing thread to my life. – M.

From the first weekend it was clear to me that Focusing would be something that would be a valuable life-long skill. Fiona’s guidance and support enabled us not only to reach some really deep, new places inside of ourselves, but to companion others in their process. I’m so glad I came. – D.H.

Fiona, your style of teaching was different to how I had experienced focusing previously and found shifts can be made in a soft, pleasant way! It was great. – M.H.

Thanks to you all for sharing in and co-creating such a nourishing weekend. And especially to you, Fiona, for your warmth, wisdom and gentle holding. – J.O.

Fiona – you’re so experienced, passionate and knowledgeable, I wouldn’t go anywhere else to learn about Focusing. – S.H.

September 2015

I have continued on a path of self-development since working with you quite a few years ago. I have found Focusing to be the most helpful course. – N.W.

March 2015

I really enjoyed the course; the Focusing practices and the theory. All at a relaxed pace. – K.R.

Fiona brings a gentle and very wise presence to her teaching. My course was beautifully held, and each person welcomed and listened to with such a loving respect. I learnt such an array of skills and practices to take with me. – D.E.

An excellent introduction to becoming more body aware; and using that wisdom to support me through personal development has been very creative and colourful for me. – V.H.

Focusing is an endless subject/practice to explore. It leads, for me, slowly slowly to an expanded, more acceptable sense of myself as part of the human family living on this planet. – H.B.

January 2015

Dear Fiona, I want to thank you for putting the Focusing CD together. It is very helpful to me. I am using it everyday lately listening to parts that really need my attention. I am here. Thank you. – N.C.

December 2014

Focusing has been one of the great discoveries of my life alongside meditation. Thank you. – J.B.

September 2014

Focusing is a process of listening to our body sense of our life situations and learning to trust our own inner knowing. For someone like me, who has lived in her head all her adult life, this is a new and exciting way of relating to my habitual ways of thinking and being. I feel very blessed to have come across it, and even more blessed to have Fiona’s guidance as I begin to practise it. Her welcoming, non-judgemental approach, the depth of her knowledge and insight, and her openness to Presence have been a huge help to me as I start on this journey. Thank you, Fiona! – H.E.

The course has been fantastic – deeply nourishing. Focusing seems to be a deceptively simple process, but which is very powerful and profound despite being very simple, gentle and subtle. And I sense there is so much more… It feels like 5 workshops were really just the start of what I feel will be a life-long journey, and I feel grateful to have come across this; also grateful for Fiona’s gentle, compassionate, supportive, and yet playful, approach. – C.J.

Fiona’s warm, calm presence enables each person to move along this journey of an introduction to Focusing. She is generous with her knowledge and ever patient with our sometimes slow groping towards understanding. – H.B.