I run courses to help you learn the basics, and further courses where you learn and practice advanced listening skills.

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  • Online Focusing Skills Course
  • Focusing Skills Course
  • Taster Days
  • Workshops
  • Practitioner Training

Online Focusing Skills Course

Online Focusing Skills Course

Learn Focusing Skills Face To Face online

The online Focusing Skills Course gives you the basic skills of Focusing and being a Focusing Companion..

It works by Zoom conference call. You can hear and see the others on the call.

After introductions and meeting the others on the course, you learn the specifics of Focusing, see a demonstration or do an exercise and get instructions for practice. Then you ring off and call one of the other people for a short practice session, or we may practice in the whole group.

After each session we come back together as a group, hear how it went, any feedback and learning to share and further discussions.

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Focusing Skills Certificate Course

Focusing Course

The basic skills of Focusing and being a Focusing Companion

This foundation Focusing course takes place on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

The course is divided into 5 Levels or modules. Each Level takes one weekend to learn.

You will need about a month to five weeks to integrate your learning before doing the next Level. Levels 1 and 2 give you the basics and Levels 3, 4 and 5 develop your listening skills further.

This course is recognised by The British Focusing Association (BFA), and is known as The Focusing Skills Certificate Course.
The course is experiential, with plenty of opportunity to practice. It is not a professional qualification, but it is required if you want to go on and do further training towards becoming a Focusing professional.

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You can take the weekend courses one at a time, joining the next series when it suits you, or you can take the course as a whole.

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Focusing Taster Days

Taster Days

Bringing Body and Mind Together

This short course is intended for anyone who is committed to his or her personal development and growth and who wants to make the most of their life.

Focusing offers a radical new approach to life. Practising Focusing develops a unique ability that enables you to discover a powerful resource within.

Once learnt, it is a way to not only face obstacles and resolve problems, it brings a deepening sense of personal possibilities, leading to a broadening and enriching of life.

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Focusing Workshops

Rocky river

I run a variety of workshops which I arrange upon request, for groups of four people or more.

Please contact me to arrange a workshop.

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Focusing Practitioner Training Programme

Practitioner training

Develop your Focusing skills further

Have you completed the Focusing Skills Certificate course some time ago?
Is Focusing so well integrated into your life you hardly notice it?
Do you consciously work with Focusing consciously work with every day?
Do you bring Focusing into your work as a practitioner or therapist in another discipline?

The British Focusing Association (BFA) Practitioner Training Programme enables you to work professionally with Focusing, incorporating Focusing into individual therapeutic, counselling or coaching work you are already doing.
The training includes three training modules, spread throughout the year, specialist advanced trainings, and you assist on the basic course as an advanced student.
There is also home study and written work, as well as individual Focusing sessions with your Mentors.
The whole training will probably take you about a year to eighteen months.

This programme is for anyone who has completed the BFA Focusing Skills Certificate course with any teacher.

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