Focusing Tips by Fiona Parr

I'm often asked questions which I feel are relevant to many people. So I share my responses here which I hope will provide a helpful insight for everyone involved in Focusing and an overview if you are new to Focusing.
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In these difficult times, it’s easy to get sucked into negative feelings.

In the winter, when the days are dark, many people struggle with minor and major physical ailments, and it can be easy to fall into a negative pattern of thinking and feeling. It’s sometimes hard to pull ourselves out of negative ways of being. These days also carry the weight of world issues: climate change, the fires in Australia, and other world events can weigh heavily on us.

So what can we do about it, and how can Focusing support us?
I suggest two ways of approaching it.
One is to acknowledge the painful feelings as they arise. Give them some space, as if they were someone in you that is hurting and needs some care and attention.
The other way is to give attention to what feels positive. It can make a difference if you Focus on the positive side of things.

How would it be, if instead of difficulties, you Focus with what feels good?
Usually when we begin to Focus, we usually look for what needs attention, and what shows up is usually the difficult stuff. How would it be, if instead of difficulties, you Focus with what feels good?
From time to time, sense how good, positive energy is alive in your body right now.
Let yourself feel the good energy and let it revitalise you.

In my own life, I don’t get energised by the winter, like some people do.
I tend to feel low energy and tired much of the time; perhaps I feel depleted from having had a cold.
However, I have resource points I can draw on during the day; the dunnocks are now singing in the garden, and I saw daffodils blooming outside the village shop.
These things give me pleasure and I can Focus with the good feelings they give me.

In a recent Focusing session, I realised that my energy is quiet and inward-looking.
At the deepest time of the year, my body wanted stillness.
I felt much more peaceful and reconciled to it after I had Focused. I had been resisting it, preferring to be upbeat and lively.
But when I Focused, I found the value in being quiet; like an inbreath before the next outbreath; or like a wave drawing back before it could break on the shore once more.

These quiet times of inbreath can be very resourcing and rebalancing.
Life is not always lived on the top note. It needs the cycle of the inward turn, before opening out again for the next stage.