I run a variety of workshops which I arrange upon request, for groups of four people or more.
Please contact me to arrange a workshop.

Wholebody Focusing

Awakening Spontaneous Inner-directed Movement

Wholebody Focusing is a way to access the body’s awareness of its own wholeness. This sense of wholeness has an inner direction and a purpose all its own. You discover the body’s own wisdom and this invites new possibilities beyond what you know.

You experience how it feels to be grounded in your body and supported by the environment. You learn how to be aware of the well being in the body as a whole while being present to an issue in your life. This awakens your body wisdom, moving you to improved body-mind functioning.

During the workshop, you will

  • discover a way of living your inner process consciously at its edge through movement
  • access the body’s awareness of its own wholeness
  • discover this sense of wholeness has an inner direction and a purpose all its own
  • experience how the body seems be energised from within
  • awaken to your body wisdom, moving you to improved body/mind functioning

Wholebody Focusing is both powerful and safe. This course is suitable for people new to Wholebody Focusing, as well as people who are familiar with it. There will be demonstrations, presentations, and group guided exercises, practice in pairs and group discussions. You will have the opportunity to experience the process for yourself, and to learn the art of wholebody listening.

Who might be interested?

  • If your natural way of being is at home in your body. You express yourself physically, and you enjoy movement
  • If you want to feel more ‘at home’ and comfortable in your body
  • If you want to access your inner embodied wisdom, your ‘natural blueprint’, as the inner authority to guide you through your life
  • If you realise that your spiritual journey requires an embodied sense, in order to be both safe and congruent with your life
  • If you have chronic body or other issues that you sense are connected to your life

‘The weekend opened up a new and deeper connection with the body that is enriching my whole Focusing practice. Fiona shared with deep clarity and understanding the work of Whole Body Focusing.  The experience opened up a new way of being with myself, and a deeper sense of the body’s ‘knowing’ and a trust in it as a resource.’ – AR May 2011

‘Within the first session of Fiona Parr’s Wholebody Focusing course I got a glimpse of how freeing and healing Wholebody Focusing could be. My body really appreciated the chance to not only speak but be listened to as well! By the end of the course I was feeling mentally and physically much clearer. Fiona was adept at explaining the course material while maintaining an informal atmosphere where all our individual needs and concerns could be addressed. I very much look forward to the chance of working with Fiona again.’ – SC May 2011

‘Thank you for holding the space so safely and so clearly. It allowed me to turn my attention towards something very important…which only my body knew and the rest of me knows now. I have arrived – I am home (in my body) – In the here – And in the now.‘ – PF may 2011

Prerequisite:   Focusing Skills Course Level 2

The Transformation Game

Originating at Findhorn, the Game works especially well at new beginnings, or where you are making new choices, choosing new directions, or releasing old ways of being. Using a board game, you move through your life path, encountering insights, setbacks, blessings and Angels.

The Transformation Game gives you support for new direction and purpose. Mirroring life with accuracy, the game moves to the heart of any issue, bringing insight, clarity and resolution.

Playing the Game enables you to:

  • Clarify important personal issues and gain immediate direction on your next steps
  • Find new ways to enhance your relationships
  • Recognise your personal contribution and abilities
  • Transform your fears and challenges with fresh insight
  • Discover a stress-free balance of work and play
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others
  • Receive love, inspiration and support on your life path

The Transformation Game is a board game for 1-4 players. It involves throwing a dice and moving along a life path where you will experience a variety of situations. You will be invited to Focus inward as you play, and to find the deeper wisdom that is available to you through Focusing, allowing change to happen naturally.

Fiona is specifically trained as a Facilitator, to guide you through your game and to help you gain the maximum benefit from playing. Facilitators keep the Game focused, facilitate interaction with the other players, support you in focusing on your intention, and contribute their insights.

Playing the Game with others is a very supportive and delightful group experience. Transformation Game retreats happen in my house in a beautiful area on the edge of Dartmoor. Local accommodation can be arranged. Or I can come to your house or workplace if you have a group of friends or colleagues who want to play the Game together.

The Transformation Game can be played using Focusing in a Weekend Retreat. If you wish to play alone, that can happen by arrangement. Single day Transformation Games are also available. Contact me if you have a group of friends or colleagues who would like to play The Transformation Game.

You do not need to have Focusing partnership skills to be able to play the Game. Anyone can play.

Focusing and Dreams 

Dreams give you rich and fertile ground for self-exploration and ongoing support. They contain the lived complexity and intricacy of your inner world, as you currently experience it in your life. Many dreams contain a deeper wisdom than you may be consciously aware of, bringing insight and resolution. Through dreamwork, you can explore current life issues, heal past pain and find a clear direction and your next steps.

The workshop is based on the theoretical and practical work of Carl Jung, Eugene Gendlin’s ‘Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams’, and Ann Faraday’s ‘Dreamwork’. The workshop is experiential and includes gestalt work as well as information on bias control. Bring your dreams, and use them as a creative starting point for your Focusing.

Prerequisite: Focusing Skills Course Level 2

Focusing and Creative Self-Expression

This is a supportive weekend using Inner Relationship and Wholebody Focusing to enable you to creatively express yourself through the medium of dance, visual arts and writing.

It is a chance for renewal, enjoyment and inspiration, developing greater trust in yourself. This weekend workshop offers you an opportunity to directly contact the edge of awareness in your body enabling you to explore your unique creativity using Focusing. During the workshop you have the opportunity to enjoy and explore different facets of your creativity in a safe, supportive environment.

Focusing enables you to get in touch with your deep inner source from which creativity can flow. Explore with a combination of Focusing, inner-directed movement and expressive dance, and writing, drawing and painting. The movement and writing practices are guided. Some paints and materials will also be available for creative expression and suggestions and guidance are available. Use the weekend to explore, and to move with your process into new levels of meaning and transformation; or come to play, and to enjoy your creativity.

Prerequisite: Focusing Skills Course Level 2

Thinking at the Edge

This is the second process that Eugene Gendlin has developed, after Focusing. It is using Focusing to identify exactly what you know about something. It enables you to articulate what you want to say about this, in the way that only you can. Find something that you care about, that you know something about, and that you want to say something about. Discover how you can begin to communicate what you know but can’t yet formulate.

This is an introductory weekend, and we will only have time to explore the first stages of the TAE process. But that is valuable in itself – it’s an adventure in thinking, Focusing, self-exploration and questioning. It’s challenging, demanding and very enjoyable.

Prerequisite: Focusing Skills Course Level 2

Cost of Workshops

Cost: £150
Pay at least a month in advance £125

If you cancel your place, you can get a full refund up to 2 weeks before the course starts, less a £5 admin fee.
If you cancel within 2 weeks of the course, there is a £50 cancellation fee.
If you cancel within a week of the course, the full fee is payable.
Alternatively you can have a credit for a future course.

Fiona Parr is a BFA Recognised Focusing Mentor and TIFI Certifying Coordinator.