Focusing CD


Whether you are new to Focusing or an experienced Focuser, the CD can help you through the Focusing process



Focusing for Everyday Life (CD)

(Please note: There is an additional cost of £4 per CD when posted outside the UK)

List of tracks:

  1. Introduction – leading into the body;
  2. Finding Presence;
  3. Acknowledging – when there’s a lot going on;
  4. Acknowledging, describing and staying with;
  5. Keeping it company;
  6. Asking, receiving, thanking;
  7. Liking exercise.

Use the CD to:

  • Learn to listen to your own inner wisdom;
  • Enable natural and spontaneous change;
  • Live with increasing ease and aliveness;
  • Accept yourself and heal your past;
  • Expand the possibilities in your creative work;
  • Live grounded in your physical being;
  • Express yourself with more clarity.

Focusing, developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin, enables you to contact the inner wisdom of your bodily felt sense. This is a wonderful process which offers transformative healing for your life.