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Please contact me to arrange a session in Devon at Liverton near Bovey Tracy – or by Zoom or phone.

You do not need to have learned Focusing before you have a session.

Your guide is there to hold the space for you while you attend inwardly; reflect back to what you say so that you can resonate what comes with your body; help you to create a positive inner relationship with yourself; and gently guide you in the next steps of the Focusing process.

What is the difference between Focusing sessions and therapy?

  • You can bring all the same issues to Focusing as you would to counselling and therapy.
  • I will ask you about what brings you to the session and what you want to get out of it, but I do not need to know the whole back-story of why you are coming.
  • You can keep private whatever you want to stay private. You can also talk about it if you want.
  • You are not committed to a regular day and time. You can contact me to book sessions whenever you feel you need them.
  • The direction, pace and content of the session is entirely within your control. It is up to you how deep you go with it and you can stop at any time.

Why have Focusing sessions?

  • You have heard about Focusing, or read the book and you want to try it out for yourself;
  • Something in your life is stuck, difficult or not working for you;
  • You may be experiencing stress, anxiety, overload, confusion or disappointment. Things are be changing in your life and you want support for the changes;
  • Career change, either voluntary or forced upon you;
  • Relationship changes and endings;
  • Family growing up and leaving home;
  • Moving to a new area;
  • You want more focus in your life and get a clear sense of where you are going;
  • You have a new direction or creative project and yet it is not working for you;
  • Unstick and release what is stopping you;
  • You want spiritual accompaniment on your life’s journey;
  • Maintain a broader perspective on your life you want to deepen and enhance your work with others;
  • If you are a therapist, body worker or counselor;
  • If you work with others in a professional capacity;
  • If you want clear relationships with your partner, family and friends.

People come for sessions for a variety of reasons :

  • A one-off session as preparation for a job interview;
  • To manage a particularly stressful situation at work;
  • To get help through a difficult family crisis;
  • To manage ongoing physical or emotional difficulties.

Contact me now to book your individual Focusing session.
Sessions take one hour and cost £45 – £50.

Fiona Parr is a BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner.

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