Thinking at the Edge – March 21 and 22


Thinking at the Edge weekend course.
March 21 – 22. Bristol



Date: March 21 and 22, 2020
Times: 10am to 5pm, both days.
Location: Bristol.

Thinking at the Edge

This is the second process that Eugene Gendlin has developed, after Focusing. It is using Focusing to identify exactly what you know about something. It enables you to articulate what you want to say about this, in the way that only you can. Find something that you care about, that you know something about, and that you want to say something about. Discover how you can begin to communicate what you know but can’t yet formulate.

This is an introductory weekend, giving you time to explore the first stages of the TAE process. But that is valuable in itself – it’s an adventure in thinking, Focusing, self-exploration and questioning. It’s challenging, demanding and very enjoyable.

Prerequisite: Focusing Skills Course Level 2

About TAE

TAE helps you to articulate something that you have always found difficult to say, and yet you know something about this subject, because you have experienced it, and your body knows what it is.

The starting place is to find something that is important to you; a passion, something you care about. This is an opportunity to explore something that you enjoy doing, studying or being involved with. It could be something you are following, exploring, or practising.

What do you know something about, that only you could say, because no one else has exactly that take on it? When you find what it is, and find ways to say it, and to give expression to it, you give something to the world. You add something to the world that only you have, that no one else has.

Eugene Gendlin said ‘You need to stand again in your own experiencing … in your own felt ongoingness, which is that intricate complexity inside of life … to put into the world what hasn’t been said yet that you are carrying from your particular experience.’

Mary Hendricks, who was the Director of the Focusing Institute before she died said, ‘People’s eyes sparkle when they try TAE: “I discovered the process that really is my own thinking!” “I grew up believing I was stupid, so I kept quiet. Now I know I can say what I know. I am not so stupid.”‘

‘I consider TAE important in three ways: first, TAE lets people know that they can think for themselves. Second, new forms of language break out of the constraints of old assumptions. Third, new concepts and kinds of concepts are made.’

The starting point is finding what it is that you know something about and that you are passionate about. What do you care deeply about? What insight, knowledge, wisdom and past experience informs you? How can you find ways to express that, that is uniquely your own?

TAE has a social purpose. It enables you to bring your unique insight into the public domain – to articulate what only you know about this.

Fiona Parr is a BFA Recognised Focusing Mentor and TIFI Certifying Coordinator.

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£150 or an early-bird price of £125 if you pay at least a month ahead.

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If you cancel your place, there is a £75 cancellation fee.
If you cancel within a week of the course, the full fee is payable. Alternatively, you can get a credit for a future course.