Bringing Body and Mind Together

1. This short course is intended for:

Anyone who is committed to his or her personal development and growth and who wants to make the most of their life. Focusing offers a radical new approach to life. Practising Focusing develops a unique ability that enables you to discover a powerful resource within. Once learnt, it is a way to not only face anxiety, obstacles and resolve problems, it brings a deepening sense of personal possibilities, leading to a broadening and enriching of life.

2. You will learn more about:

An introduction to Focusing and how it can help you. Focusing helps you to create an optimal inner environment for holistic, natural change in any area of your life that needs attention. People have often said how surprised they are by how gentle and yet very deep and powerful this work is. The changes that occur spontaneously and naturally come from deep within you and are always in the direction of greater aliveness. These changes are progressive, unmistakable and permanent.

3. During the day you will be involved in:

Seeing presentations, joining in with group discussions, watching demonstrations and exploring how Focusing could be useful to you. You will try out Focusing in group guided exercises and pair or small group work. The day is highly experiential, and you will have the opportunity to find out how Focusing could be relevant to your own life. Because the course is experiential it may involve talking about sensitive personal issues.

Fiona Parr is a BFA Recognised Focusing Mentor and TIFI Certifying Coordinator.