An eight week course to give you the essence of Focusing and listening skills, which enables you to have Focusing practice partnerships, and to have Focusing in your life whenever you need it. It comprises Levels 1 and 2 of the Focusing Skills Certificate course, and there will be an option of continuing to the full 5 Levels.

Prerequisite: An individual Focusing session.

Face-to-face Online

This is an online course for people who cannot travel, or do weekend courses. You can join the course without leaving the comfort of your own home. The course is face-to-face online, so you can see your tutor and the other participants. Skype is free-to-use software, enabling a group online conference facility. For 2 – 5 people maximum.

This distance learning opportunity is for you:

  • If you can’t get away at weekends
  • If you can’t travel to courses
  • If you would prefer to learn in shorter weekly chunks
  • If you would prefer to learn Focusing without leaving the comfort of your own home

It works by Skype conference call. You can hear and see the others on the call. After introductions and meeting the others on the course, you learn the specifics of Focusing, see a demonstration or do an exercise and get instructions for practice. Then you ring off and call one of the other people for a short practice session, or we may practice in the whole group. After the session we come back together as a group, hear how it went, any feedback and learning to share and further discussions.

Fiona Parr is a BFA Recognised Focusing Mentor and TIFI Certifying Coordinator.